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Welcome to Evening of Dreams . . .

Where we love to make dreams come true! If you are someone with special needs or if you know a loved one that would love to be a VIP guest to our red carpet event, Evening of Dreams was created to help teens and young adults with disabilities feel like royalty. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated like a king and queen and feel special, and we like to make that happen every year.

Or maybe you feel drawn to the special needs community and want to see them have the time of their lives on a night dedicated to them. There are many ways for you to get involved, whether you would like to donate, volunteer, or just simply spread the word! Evening of Dreams is a vision that will have lasting impact for years and years to come! There is a place for you!

Michelle Raby, Founder of EOD


Our goal is to reach out to the special needs community in a tangible way and to bring inclusion to teens and young adults with disabilities.


Our Prom is a red carpet event for teens and young adults with disabilities who are escorted by area athletes and student leaders, complete with photographers, dinner and dancing. 


Evening of Dreams wouldn’t be possible without our faithful donors and all contributions that support this event.  Please CLICK HERE to consider making a  make a tax-deductible financial donation. 



Click here to see a small glimpse into Evening of Dreams! 

NBC’s “This Is Us Star” to attend the 8th Annual Prom

Jermel Nakia, who plays Young William on NBC’s hit show “This is Us,” flew from Los Angeles to give back to the students at the tux fitting. He is also returning this weekend to help host the event on May 20. We are grateful for special guests like Jermel, who look for ways to give to a cause bigger than themselves, and bring media attention and sponsorships to the Evening of Dreams Special Needs Prom.  You can view his interaction with our guests from a KCRA news highlight clip:  http://www.kcra.com/article/sacramento-students-get-prom-help-from-this-is-us-star/9562989 You won’t want to miss seeing behind-the-scenes clips of the event on Facebook Live, Snapchat, and our Instagram accounts.  A special THANK YOU to Jermel for making this weekend extra-special. ... read more

Athletic directors, principals and coaches are happy to lend their time, services and athletes for such a great cause.

On Saturday, May 16 — after most of the year’s athletic events were memories — more than 450 volunteers, including athletes, cheerleaders and coaches, helped make dreams come true on a scale far more impactful than any game-winning touchdown pass. The Capital Christian Center saw scores of local athletes escorting 258 special needs guests to an extraordinary experience at the 6th Annual Evening of Dreams. The prom was founded and is still directed by Michelle Raby to reach out to the special needs community with a red carpet event for teens and young adults with disabilities. The goal was to create a prom experience complete with limousines, formal pictures, music and refreshments with the ability to provide for a variety of special needs. The event, which started in 2010 with 64 special needs guests and 178 volunteers, has seen its profile rise. The Evening of Dreams attracted stars like Folsom’s Jake Browning, Capital Christian’s Justice Shelton-Mosley and Paige Florio, and Oak Ridge’s Laurel Maunder and Ryan Sullivan as 42 local high schools and 22 colleges (including athletes returning from as far away as Ole Miss) were represented.   “The atmosphere that is created is amazing and it allows you to step into a comfort zone where you can be yourself and just laugh and dance around,” said Mosley, who attended for the first time in 2015. “My goal in life is to serve and give back, and it was a very humbling experience.” To read more Read More:... read more

Teen Talk: Prom with teens with Special Needs bring out the best!

The night was not about charity nor was it about parents forcing their teenagers to go. One peek at the excitement, the smiles and the laughter in the room and you knew that the teenagers chose to be there and it was a night they would never forget. In one word, the night represents joy. This year, 248 special-needs guests were paired up with teenage escorts for an evening that included food, dancing and a photo booth. There were more teenage escorts ready to volunteer than there were guests. Some teenagers doubled up as dates and others went to the dance alone to just be a part of the event. No teenagers complained, no one acted upset or angry, and no one let any disappointment ruin the evening. The teenagers, happy to be there and happy to be making others happy, shined that night. Read more here:... read more

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