Dream Team



Michelle Raby | Founder & Director

As the founder of Evening of Dreams, I was inspired five years ago when I saw a need within the special needs community and the challenges they faced. I decided that we had the resources to host a night that would be unforgettable for not only these families, but for our community as a whole. My dream was simply to help their dreams come true on a practical level. If we could reach the special needs community by hosting a prom event, then imagine the kind of impact we could have in society! We began to build relationships and found a deeper level of connection with these families, and in May 2009, we launched our first Evening of Dreams where all of Sacramento joined in on the fun. Football players and cheerleaders were dates for our special needs guests, as they arrived to the event in formal wear and stepped onto the red carpet that led the way to the evening of their dreams. They would have the time of their lives; and troubles were danced away! It satisfied my heart to truly show the special needs guests how valuable and cherished they are, and that they too, can feel like the royalty they are. My desire was complete as we fulfilled some of their simplest dreams. Since then, every year has gotten better and better, with more communities getting involved and spreading the love and joy of this event. We look forward to many more years of Evening of Dreams to come!


Lynette Harper | Event Coordinator

As Event Coordinator, I co-lead the Executive Planning Team with the Founder and Director, Michelle Raby. I am the Lead Coordinator over Evening of Dreams, booking meeting dates, vendors, planning the layout, as well as securing the event spaces.  My goal is to propose new ideas to improve the event planning and implementation process. The process includes coordinating and monitoring the timeline of the event as well as the order of the night ensuring that everything runs smoothly. To ensure security, car parking, traffic control, and security are co-organized to find solutions to any problems that arise. My vision for this event is run by the director, who manages all event group Leaders, co-designing and executing of decorations, followed up with venders and Lead Volunteers after the event, who oversee the post evaluation with the Executive Planning Team. Thank you to all who are involved, this vision would not happen without you!


Jeanine Townsend | Registration Coordinator

As the Registration Lead Coordinator, my goal is to make sure that the minute they walk through the door it begins an unforgettable evening for them.  I think I have the best job yet, because here at registration we are the first to see everyone and the excitement on their faces and how beautiful they all look.  I have had the pleasure of being on the Executive Team for the last five years and work alongside an awesome group of ladies to give these kids a night to remember. .  When not working on Evening of Dreams, I also volunteer with our Champions Program, a Special Needs Ministry at Capital along with my husband, Andrew and daughter Hannah.

Michele Samodurov/Social Media Coordinator

I am happy to have worked with Evening of Dreams for 7 years. The last five years were spent working with the dates and all of the amazing high school and college volunteers. This year I am excited to be expanding our impact through social media. I love Evening of Dreams because it is a night of true acceptance and unconditional love. When I am not helping with Evening of Dreams I teach third grade at Capital Christian School. My four children attend there and help serve with Evening of Dreams as well.


Colleen Short | Family Liaison & Guest Coordinator

Working along side parents, teachers and administration making sure our special needs guest needs are meet and are well taken care of while attending Evening of Dreams.

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