Everyone deserves to be asked to go to Prom…

Everyone deserves to be asked to go to Prom…

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Meet Natalee, a beautiful, sweet-spirited cheerleader who is a Senior at Capital Christian High School has always desired to be apart of Evening Of Dreams. She has always heard how much of a blast this special event is for everyone, especially from her aunt who has special needs, Mary, who won Prom Queen at last year’s Evening Of Dreams. Natalee has such a huge heart for people, especially for people with special needs like her aunt Mary. So, this year she decided to ask Daniel Oates, whom she met on the Sacramento News, remembering his sweetness and those awesome dance moves he likes to whip out! Natalee couldn’t wait to ask Daniel to go to Prom with her! As Natalee was being interviewed on all the questions of why she is doing this, and what has impacted her the most, she did not hold back, including tears when she explained how she wishes to make someone feel so special! She couldn’t think of anyone better she would rather go to Prom with and make him feel special because everyone deserves to have a date to Prom! So Natalee got ready for the big day… she made a sign for Daniel, had a pizza made spelling “PROM” in pepperonis, got all dressed up, and went to his school in front of all his friends to ask him to go to prom with her. She felt nervousness and excitement all at the same time! But to her, the only thing that mattered was that this was Daniel’s big day to be asked to Prom! When he saw her arrive with a sign and pizza, he was thrilled and even did a little happy dance! His friends had all cheered when they saw he had been asked to go to Prom by such a beautiful girl. Even though Natalee’s heart is to bless Daniel in making him feel special, she is finding herself being blessed by this opportunity to be his date to Prom and to make a difference in the world in showing what it means to care about someone, doing everything you can to make them feel important, cherished and valued. Way to go Natalee! Let’s stay tuned to see which dance moves Natalee will learn from Daniel at Evening of Dreams…

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